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Business model innovation in a changing business landscape ripe with opportunity – and risk.

Changing Reluctant Minds in Your Organization

Getting execs to shift their thinking is never easy. Here’s a blueprint for making it happen.

Making That Slow Dough

This niche U.S. manufacturer fended off foreign competition by radically reshaping its pricing and customer base.

6 Ways to Break Through the Static

Very little is known about the neurological process of learning, but this much is clear: Personal mobile technologies have forever...

How to Build an Adaptability Advantage

Get faster — and smarter — about the way you observe, orient, decide, and act.

When Business-Model Disruption Is the Status Quo

Sure, you've heard about the sharing economy before. But this time you need to listen.

What’s Your Sustainability Tolerance?

A California company asked its workers this question, and their answer prompted a green investment that’s paying both financial and...

Be the Standardizer, Not the Inventor.

One real-world innovation lesson from the story of the barcode. (There are five more.)

A Change Checklist for Leaders

Even the right changes are often botched in process. Use this checklist to attack the “before, during, and after” to...

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