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Global Business

Global business is rapidly becoming a redundant term. What in the world are you working on?

3 Unexpected (and Easy) Ways to Cut Travel Costs

Most travel managers expect travel costs to rise in 2014, according to a recent survey from AirPlus International. Here's what...

When It Pays to Flatter Your Competition

Jim Koch, legendary founder and CEO of the Boston Beer Co., recently steered a potential customer to a rival.

5 Steps to Improving the Feedback You Get on New Products

Every organization values feedback. But what’s the best way to make sure it’s high-quality? And how do you integrate what...

6 Steps to Building a More Resilient Supply Chain

Your supply chain is becoming more complex (even if you don’t know it). Here’s how to make it more...

Turbocharge Your Ecosystem

Work with your customers, your suppliers, and even your competitors to solve your most daunting problems.

Making That Slow Dough

This niche U.S. manufacturer fended off foreign competition by radically reshaping its pricing and customer base.

Welcome to the ‘Company as a Service’ Paradigm

The collaborative economy is valued at an estimated $26 billion. Despite its hippie underpinnings, sharing is big business. And as...

When Business-Model Disruption Is the Status Quo

Sure, you've heard about the sharing economy before. But this time you need to listen.

How to Put Your Security Strategy On the Offensive

Firewalls and software patches won’t stop today’s hackers. To protect your company’s assets, make computer security a priority for the...

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