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How a CMO can draw out customer-led innovations with a little help from innovative technologies.

What to Expect From the Post-Millennial Workforce

What managers and marketers need to know about the next next generation.

The Brilliant Business Theory Behind Wu-Tang Clan’s Disruptive Plan

With their radical idea for distributing a new album, the rap group is illustrating what B-school professors have long-praised as...

When You Don’t Need Data

Sometimes even data’s deepest devotees prefer to think beyond numbers.

You Can’t Own Your Customers’ Decision Journey, but You Can Try

The job of marketing is not to sell more stuff. It is to solve consumers’ biggest problems during critical points...

Customers Batted In

How Minor League Baseball draws fans with absurd stunts, including locking them out.

You’re Famous. But Are You Better Off?

Getting on TV might seem like a great way to get massive publicity. But if you’re not careful, you’ll end...

What Is Sriracha’s Secret Sauce?

Among other things, keeping prices consistently low.

How Nutella Soured Its Own Superfans

And three companies who get their superfan strategies right.

3 Lasting Lessons from Malice in Dallas

It’s a PR stunt that’s been lauded in textbooks and featured by the Smithsonian. But it turns out the biggest...

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