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Manage People

How can you create the company culture you want? (What kind was that, again?) Alignment, collaboration, growth.

Align Your Team on the ‘Why’ Axis

Why are your employees doing whatever they're doing? At the base, there' really only one answer.

The Case for Hierarchy

As Stanford GSB professor Bob Sutton explains in a recent essay, there are plenty of positives to be found in...

Why Letting Employees Be Themselves Is So Darn Good for Business

A study shows that letting employees be themselves decreases turnover and increases customer satisfaction.

How Setting Goals Can Hurt Productivity

If your eyes are squarely focused on the big picture, you might be liable to spend less time working toward...

The Best Leaders Ask for More Feedback

It's not enough to just ask for feedback once. Research shows that the most effective leaders also follow one rule:...

Why You’re Probably More Productive Around the Holidays

The smell of peppermint, the color green, and big ol' smiles will all help boost creativity. No kidding.

Why Leaders Should Think Like Designers

What does every great product have, and how does it relate to your leadership style? It's all about empathy.

Free Build Brief: How to Give Better Praise

Free feedback tips to download and share with your executive team. A one-page Build brief.

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