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How does a high-performance management team work? How can better alignment help yours?

Align Your Team on the ‘Why’ Axis

Why are your employees doing whatever they're doing? At the base, there' really only one answer.

A Novel Way to Identify Your Next Set of Executives

And make serious headway on organizational priorities while you're at it.

“Nothing Is Going to Stop Us From Growing to Be a $1 Billion Company, If That’s What We Want.”

How Open Systems Technologies has managed to preserve its culture in a time of rapid growth and expansion

Consolidating Customer Service

How one online retailer simplified its services and redefined its employees’ missions by merging two interdependent departments.

Silence Is Deadly

(And other rules of healthy executive teams.)

Your Top Team Needs to Grow With Your Company

That's both in terms of its size and its collective capability.

“Whatever We Work on Together Is Our Most Important Work.”

By pursuing transparency, one company has taken alignment to a whole new level.

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