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How to invent and nurture meetings that drive innovation. And productivity.

Meetings: How to Get the Most From Everyone in the Room

Organizations pay a lot of lip service to terms like empathy and diversity. Here's how to make sure you actually...

3 Ways to Make Conference Calls Less Annoying

Make sure the call is really necessary, and allow restless participants to opt out anyway.

Walking Meetings: So Much More Productive Than You Think

Whether you're in San Francisco or New York or a small town, get out of the office and use your...

No Meeting Wednesdays: A Way Toward Focused Flow

Managers meet — it’s just what they do. Avoid bringing your entire team down the rabbit hole with you.

The Circle Game

Interior designers have long believed that a properly arranged office can abet collaboration. Now some academic research is backing them...

Brainstorming Is Dead

Long live brainwriting! Three steps to silencing the windbags, undermining the politics, and letting your team’s best ideas thrive.

The Best Brainstorming Is Not Done in Groups

Your team in a room with a whiteboard? As it turns out, that tried-and-true brainstorming method produces the lowest-quality ideas...

Can Asking More Questions Create Great Meetings?

Why you should structure your meeting agenda around questions.

Don’t Kill Your Off-Site

Off-sites still have value, if properly planned. Use this tool for off-site planning to get maximum value out of your...

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