1. What is The Build Network?
Our network is built for the executive teams of companies that have graduated from entrepreneurship but aren’t Big Business — the economy’s core. It comprises a print publication, a web site, and live events all designed for executive teams leading sustained-growth companies.

2. What is Build‘s catalog of ideas?
Our quarterly print publication is part strategic manual, part magazine, and part research report. It is built around the three primary directives facing leaders of sustained-growth companies:

You have the players, now build a team. (No, a real team.)

For just a moment, forget the company. Build yourself to last.

One more time, summon that start-up DNA, explore what’s next, and think about adaptation.

3. How can I get Build?
Build appears as special quarterly section of Inc. magazine. Subscribe to Inc. and read Build articles online or in our digital archives.

4. How can I share Build with my colleagues?
We hear often from executives who want to share Build with their company’s full C-suite. Now you can recommend Build to your colleagues — and help them get access to our full archives online.

5. How can I get myself or my company featured in Build?
In each issue, we publish Build Member Profiles — Q&As with leaders of the middle market who come from our readership community. If you’d like our editors to consider you, register on TheBuildNetwork.com and then complete your online profile page with all relevant details.

6. How do I sign up for TheBuildNetwork.com?
Online membership is free — and required to create a member profile page, comment on articles, and participate in Build polls. Register here.

7. How do I advertise in Build or on TheBuildNetwork.com?
Please direct all advertising inquiries to build@inc.com.

8. How can I partner with The Build Network?
Learn more about our engaging, value-driven partnerships and opportunities.

9. How can I get Build‘s free email newsletters?
Sign up below to receive our free bi-weekly newsletter of leadership, team-building, and innovation strategies for mid-market executives.

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10. How can I attend a Build live event?
We do not have any live events planned at this time.

11. How can I participate in Build Peer Polls?
Registered members can vote and view Peer Poll results here.

12. How can I get help with my Build subscription?
Visit the Build Customer Care Center.

13. Can I get back issues and/or bulk orders of Build for my colleagues, clients, or students?
Please contact our circulation department with questions about back issues or bulk orders of Build.

14. How can I contact The Build Network?
Meet our team and find the most appropriate contact for your question.

For additional inquiries, please contact build@inc.com.