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I Have Never Loved Amazon So Much

Navigating the complexities of big data can help you master the basics of amazing customer service.
Customers love Amazon.com for not using big data to upsell them

— Sean Madden, creative director at design consultancy Ziba, describing on Fastcodesign.com one way in which the proper use of big data by companies can vastly improve customer relations.


Ultimately, customer loyalty for your company boils down to:

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Much of Madden’s take applies to companies that don’t have the resources to mine big data. “Remember, this was a customer service call, so I was fully prepared for it to suck,” he says. “Like most American consumers, my experience with service interactions is largely negative, whether it’s on the phone, in the murky depths of a commerce site, or in the aisles of an electronics store. I’m accustomed to the company being in control and for our communication to be cold, scripted, and inhumane.”

Amazon may have used the data it had on Madden to change the nature of their interaction, but the larger lesson about how to talk to customers applies even to companies that have no data at all.

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