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How Customer-Centric Is Your Business?

Use this worksheet to measure. Re-examine your strategy based on what you learn.
How customer-centric is your business?

You’ve heard the buzz about “customer centricity.” You may even subscribe to the philosophy. And yet you still may wonder exactly what it means and how to practice it.

ClearAction, a consultancy devoted to “customer experience optimization,” offers a worksheet that can help make the fuzzy concept actionable. As its chief strategist Lynn Hunsaker (@clearaction) explains, “There are many factors for assessing customer centricity, but this worksheet focuses on a commonly overlooked [one]: how well customer programs actually benefit customers.” Use it to identify opportunities for improving how you manage your customers’ experience.


1. For each customer program determine:
• How does the program benefit you? Your customer?
• Whether those benefits are short term (S) or long term (L).
• A rating from high (5) to superficial (1) benefit.

2. The ratio of your value vs. the customer’s.



Want to see what a customer-experience improvement initiative might look like in one industry? Try “Banking on Customer Centricity,” a McKinsey & Company white paper that advises how to transform banks into customer-centric organizations. It includes case explorations, describes tactics and processes, and offers “tests” that can help steer your organization toward the customer-experience fixes that will have the greatest impact.

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