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How Do You Know You’ve Become a True Leader?

3 tips from Ping Fu, cofounder and CEO of Geomagic
Leadership lessons from Geomagic CEO Ping Fu

Ping Fu, cofounder and CEO of Geomagic, a leading provider of 3-D software for creating digital models of physical objects and a member of The Build Network. She spelled out her personal leadership guidelines during her talk at Build Live in Atlanta in May.



When is it especially ineffective to come off as the smartest person in the room? When you’re a woman, says Sandra Peterson, CEO of Bayer CropScience, in a Forbes.com interview.

The piece plumbs her leadership lessons, many of which focus on her experience as a female executive in a heavily male industry. Her whole argument—about not being a know-it-all—is worth reading.


  1. Ping Fu is an inspiration. Be sure to read her full profile from Build issue 2: http://thebuildnetwork.com/members/pfugeomagic

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