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Why PR Still Matters and How You’re Doing It Wrong

What your public-relations strategy should look like in a post-social-media world.
Why PR still matters, and how you're doing it wrong
photo by Tiina & Geir, Getty Images

The advent of Yelp and Twitter does not, experts say, make public relations a moot point. Quite the opposite, actually. Though it’s true that smart brands are handing over more control to users via social media platforms, it’s also true that the balance of the universe falls out of whack if your brand doesn’t continue to communicate (remind! repeat!) its core value proposition in its own language.

The need for PR perhaps has not changed, but our user-generated culture means that the focus and message of your PR messages should. According to Jeff Hoffman, cofounder of ColorJar, your public relations can no longer be about you, your company or your product; it must be about your customers.

“No one cares that another set of products has been unleashed upon the world,” Hoffman writes on Inc.com. “Media is interested in one thing: the effect of your product. The lives that have been changed or made better by your company and your product.”



Last July, InsideSales.com cofounder Ken Krogue argued that SEO is dead. Long live PR and real content, he wrote in a Forbes blog post that elicited nearly 500 comments from staunch SEO advocates and haters.

His argument, in a nutshell: “Google used to think if you linked to someone on the Internet they must have valuable content. Now Google seems to believe that if you promote content with social media it is more indicative of relevant content and less likely to be faked. Though many point out social can be faked as well. The bottom line is that all external SEO efforts are counterfeit other than one: writing, designing, recording, or videoing real and relevant content that benefits those who search.”

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