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Lessons learned at Build Live events.

Build Poll: Who Gives You the Best Advice?

31% of executives say the best management advice comes from their peers.

Build Poll: Where Do You Expect Future Competition to Originate?

51% of polled executives feel threatened by the next generation of start-ups.

Build Poll: Deep Down, What Do You Really Think About Social Media?

74% of mid-market executives believe they haven't even scratched the surface of social media's capabilities. Where do you stand?

Who’s Your Number-One Team?

Your top team is going to struggle unless there’s unanimity about the answer. And, yes, there is a right answer.

Leadership Under Pressure

Individuals—even superstars—react differently to high-stress situations. The smartest leaders modify their methods accordingly. Hey, it worked for the Chicago Bulls.

Don’t Hate the Huddle

Corporate huddles may begin as "forced fun" but can evolve into an essential (even rewarding!) weekly meeting.

On the Rebound: A Case Study in Fighting Failure

Chicago Bulls psychologist Steve Julius shares team strategies for recovering from failure with calm, positivity, and incremental improvements.

How to Fire a Friend

As high-growth companies reach the middle market, they inevitably outgrow some startup-stage employees who have become “family.” And who have...

When Is a Hotel Like a Magazine?

Product strategy is tough to describe in memorably concrete terms. Joie de Vivre hotels turned to popular magazines for help.

The Good Fight: How to Grow Healthy Companies Through Conflict

Consensus is a four-letter word. Disagreeing with you is a sign that I trust you.

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