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What’s on the minds and agendas of fast-growth companies in the middle market.

Why Engineers’ Minds Are Terrible Things to Waste

A lot of resources are getting soaked up by lesser companies — most importantly, talented engineers, talented builders of things.

Projects Are The New Job Interviews

“Should your next hire come from a great set of interviews and references?” Schrage asks. “Or from knocking your socks...

Preparing Your Culture for Tomorrow’s Employees

In large organizations, resources get allocated top down, in a politicized, Soviet-style budget wrangle. On the Web, human effort flows...

Worth Copying: Reid Hoffman’s Social Networking To-Do List

Want to be a better networker? Here are actions you can take in the next day, the next week, and...

Is it Easy for Your Customers to Leave You?

Your business model’s strength depends not on barriers to entry, but on barriers to exit. Here’s how to assess your...

The Secret to Productive Brainstorming

The long-held belief that no idea is a bad idea in a brainstorm, may be flat-out wrong. Better results, it...

Map the Basics of Your Business Model — So You Can Improve It

What are the building blocks — distribution channels, value propositions, key partnerships — of your business model?

Best Tips for Executives On LinkedIn

You probably don’t need to join Facebook for your work (unless you’re a marketing executive). You even can still get...

Why CFOs Need to Care About Sustainability

It's not just a marketing ploy; sustainability has turned into a core business issue.

Social Intranets: Hype or Next Big Thing?

Much has been written about how companies and professionals use social media to improve their brand. But many social media...

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