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3 Interview Questions for Screening Innovative Employees

Here's how to hire for what innovation expert Lisa Bodell calls "strategic imagination."

A Case for Ignoring a Job Candidate’s Education History

Why one UK law firm actively ignores where its candidates got their degrees.

25 Crazy Interview Questions (and Why They’re a Waste of Time)

The top oddball questions of 2014 are kind of fun, but not very useful.

New to Hiring? Here’s What You Need to Know

Hiring isn't easy, when you've never hired anyone in your life.

Free Build Brief: The Interview Test for Critical Thinking Skills

Free interview tips to download and share with your executive team. A one-page Build brief.

Best Interview Technique You Never Use

The more questions you ask, the more you learn about a job candidate, right? Wrong. Here's a better strategy.

Hiring a Remote Worker? 7 Interview Questions to Ask

Not everyone can handle working at a distance. Here's how to sort successful telecommuters from stay-at-home slackers before you decide...

Be Aggressive About Passive Candidates

To win the war for talent, rethink key aspects of the recruitment and hiring process.

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