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Why Leaders Should Think Like Designers

What does every great product have, and how does it relate to your leadership style? It's all about empathy.

The Subtle Art of Influence

In an increasingly collaborative and connected world, success depends more than ever on building your influence.

The Anchoring Effect

Why offering three pricing options to your customers can be wiser than offering two.

You Might Be Better Off Lucky Than Good . . .

. . . but chances are you can’t tell the difference.

True Grit

How determined are you? Use this 12-question quiz to find out.

Chapter 12: The Art of Strategic Influence

Your individual talents and abilities are a given. To perform at the highest level, you should also strengthen your ties...

4 Steps to Building Your Strategic Influence

Transform casual contacts into valuable collaborators and partners by following these simple steps.

6 Things Really Productive People Do

How do some people manage to get so much more done than you in the same amount of time? Six...

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