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Why You Need to Look Beyond Facebook and Twitter to Engage Customers

When brands tout their social media success, they’ll probably start by rattling off how many followers they have on Facebook and...

How to Avoid the Social Media Marketing Curse

Social media was supposed to be the new silver bullet for marketing. Forget normal advertising: Your company could create online...

How to Ask for a LinkedIn Introduction

Limit your requests to second-degree connections, give people an easy way to decline, and soften your deadlines.

Social Media Isn’t the Place for Customer Service

Twitter and Facebook have their place. It’s just not in your customer-service strategy.

Can You Get the First Word?

Word of mouth is advertising’s Holy Grail. How one midmarket company takes an active role in making it happen.

Why Are CEOs So Anti-Social (Media)?

Executives are comfortable using social media, but very few actually analyze it. The problem may be that no one is...

Behold the End of Experts: Why the Goodreads Sale Really Matters

Following Goodreads' surprise sale to arch-nemesis Amazon last month, its uber users — the authors, book sellers, and disgruntled English...

Why Connections Beat Charisma Every Time

How employees feel about their leaders is less important — in terms of productivity and engagement — than how they...

Shouldn’t You Know Your Superfans?

A five-point plan for identifying your strongest brand advocates, decoding their passions, and collaborating with them on meaningful offers.

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